case 3

case 3

Case study #1


Moss and McAdams Accounting firm (M&M) was a firm which dealt in corporate and audits firm. It was located in Minnesota and Wisconsin with six offices. The main office was situated in Green Bay, Wisconsin. But from last 2 years, they have decided to move their business to consulting business. And they have predicted that their growth is going to increase by 40% in the consulting business.
Seth Moss was one of the founding members of this firm. Ruby Sands was the office manager at their main office in Green Bay. He was responsible for assigning personnel to different accounts. In M&M, there was a matrix structure in which a manager can be assigned to several accounts, depending on the work. There was another guy working there for 6 years named Bruce Palmer. He was just promoted to account manager. He was assigned to a team with Zeke Olds and 3 other guys.
There was another role model named Ken Crosby, recently joined M&M, was recruited to manage special consulting projects. They recruited him just before the Johnsonville audit. He was assigned in the team with Bruce Palmer.

Problem Recognition

Ken Crosby thought he was the boss of the team that he has been assigned to. He also thought that Olds and Palmer both work for him. Even though they were assigned to the same project, Crosby always thought that he was superior to the others.
Sand was thinking about formation of the team for the consulting projects and he insisted to have Mr. Olds to be part of the team. Sand told him that he can’t assign Olds to his team as he is already working on the audit of Johnsonville Trucks. Somehow, Crosby convinced everybody and they split time of the work on both projects. They have decided that Olds will work for Crosby on the Springfield project in the morning and he will handle audit work with Palmer in the evening.

Lately, Olds started working on Springfield project as he has found that it was more challenging and...

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