Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Date: March 8, 2015

Presented to: Professor Glen Macdonell

Keller Graduate School of Management

Course: MGMT 530 – Managerial Decision-Making

MGMT530 – Conference Decision
Week 1 Case Analysis

1) Define the decision problem?

Based on the scenario, it seems that the decision problem is to determine whether or not the accounting system users’ conference schedule for September 13-13, 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana should be cancelled, due to the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane. The primary issue thus becomes does the board or committee move the conference to a future date or have the conference at another location.

2) What is the general nature of the problem?

The issue is categorized as a non-program problem due to the fact that it is a natural disaster that is not able to be controlled. Since it is not able to be controlled areas no forecasting as to the extent of damage nor the range of geographic devastation that will occur to the area or surrounding cities.

3) What event triggered the situation?

The situation was triggered by the passage of Hurricane Katrina, and the subsequent destruction of the hotels making it impossible for the city to host such conference.

4) What are the imposed constraints on the situation?

The constraints on the particular situation are the fact that 200 and participants have already prepaid for the conference. These fees include the registration fee, hotel stay and any items that go along with the package fees. If the location is moved to another city there will be an increase in cost. The question then becomes who is to pay the difference between their pre-paid and what next location/venue/hotel will cost. In addition, who will pay any flight or transportation differentiation cost for these prepaid participants and speakers? The speakers might require more money if they were already routed to fly from.

5) What are the...

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