Case Introduction of Nucor Steel

Case Introduction of Nucor Steel

Case Analysis #1 Nucor Corporation (NUE) Steel Manufacturer

Scott McDaniels March 8, 2008 Capstone 499

McDaniels 1 Nucor Corp.

Strategic Profile
Strategic Profile: Case Introduction Nucor steel is an industrial steel company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are an innovative and lean company operating with safety in mind and a goal of returning investments to stockholders. There management system is extremely lean and consist of 5 levels containing only 75 members for a corporation of over 18,000 employees. Nucor is a highly segmented and independent company. They benefit from each manager operating there segment as its own business entity. This prospective allows Nucor to maintain a high degree of entrepreneurship throughout its vast corporation. Nucor maintains a high level of respect between management and its employees. This relationship has allowed management to achieve success through financial goals and has given employees job security and a great working environment. Nucor has essentially eliminated the barrier between management and employee. The employees have the exact same benefits as management. Management has also taken on not buy corporate jets, cars, and country club memberships like other big time companies do. In fact a top manager of Nucor, Ken Iverson is often seen in NYC riding the subway. This is something unheard of for someone of his status. Iverson also very rarely makes more than 1 million a year while his similar industry positions rake in amounts of up to 50 million.10 Nucor has also pioneered the mini-mill steel factory allowing for them to cut operating costs compared to traditionally steel factories. This mill has also led to reduction in energy use and pollution. Environmentally speaking Nucor has continued to be an industry best. Nucor recycles “1 ton of steel for every two seconds making it the largest recycler of any material in America--more than the nation's entire aluminum can industry”. 1...

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