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Case Study Chapter 9
Management Heads
To The Cloud


is the worlds' first and most
popular CRM system headquartered in
San Francisco with more than 82,000
companies and over 100,000 customers
rely on this dynamic, web- based, low-cost
CRM platform. It was founded in March
1999 by former Oracle executive Marc
Benioff. has its services
translated into 16 different languages and
currently has 82,400 regular customers
and over 2,100,000 subscribers.


CRM provides a complete
solution for that includes feature-rich
solutions for marketing, sales, services,
partner management and community


social and mobile cloud
technologies including flagship sales and
Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) application which help companies
connect with customers, partners, and
employees in entirely new ways.

Question 1: What types of
companies are most likely to
adopt cloud-based CRM software
services? Why? What companies
might not be well-suited for this
type of software?
 Small businesses
•  no large up-front hardware and software investments
or lengthy implementation on corporate computer

 Large


• system with automated reports and dashboards
monitoring key performance indicators, sales calls,
and sales volume.

 Why?

• automates customer service functions.
• helped company quadruple new sales leads.
• a task feature automatically generate specific
 Companies

which might not be well-suited
for this type of software.
• small to middle-sized companies
• large firms

Question 2: What are the
advantages and disadvantages
of using cloud-based enterprise

Question 3: What people,
organization, and technology
issues should be addressed in
deciding whether to use a
conventional CRM system versus a

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