Case notes

Case notes

Read and reflect on the assigned case. Complete this case notes worksheet. Submit these case notes by midnight on the Sunday before a new module begins and turn in a copy at the end of lecture. This preparation is intended to help you actively engage in the discussion in lecture and help you complete your Case Memo that is due after lecture. Each completed case notes will be evaluated on its quality (OB content, clarity of ideas, initial analysis) and timely submission. You will want to keep a copy (soft or hard copy) for your own reference after class as you work on the full case memo due 4 days after lecture. These will not be returned.
Name & discussion section number:

Case name:
Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH
The case facts (brief summary; 2-4 sentences of what’s happening and who’s involved):

As a fast growing provider of subscription software based in Heidelberg, Germany, Kauflauf targets middle market and top-tier smaller customers (Mittelstand). Kauflauf has established itself through providing consultant like services to its clientele. Jess Westerly, the recently appointed assistant product owner of CRM applications for computer and office supply wholesalers and retailers, noted the field consultant’s large time expenditures with small and medial accounts yielded lower profit margins for the company. With this knowledge at hand, she made it a priority to propose an overall shift to larger scale customers as they, according to her data, will yield higher profits. However, the field consultants were reluctant to comply with such change, thus the primary case focus is in the struggles Jess Westerly faces in defending, reforming, and explaining the initiative for change.

The issues/potential main problem (main issues in OB terms related to the module):

There is companywide skepticism concerning Westerly’s proposal, particularly from the field consultants by virtue of the notion of a radical change (people resistances)....

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