Case Report

Case Report

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Case Conceptualization 2
Jimmie Johnson
Liberty University

Course and Section: Coun 510

Sub-term A; Deadline: August 4, 2013

Instructor’s Name: Professor Aaron Oberman

This Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 2 involves the case of client, Blake Dawson. Blake has come to counseling because of major bouts primarily of depression which he has been experiencing for the past year. Blake’s troubles began when he discovered that his wife, Carol had been involved in an extramarital affair prior to their move to Houston, Texas in acceptance of a job promotion. Blake and his wife had an argument about her not wanting to move to Houston and it was then that she confessed the affair. This left Blake devastated. Blake was also accused of sexual harassment on his job by his female secretary, Charlotte. Along with the depression, Blake has also been drinking heavily, although he does not consider himself an alcoholic. Other physical issues which Blake is dealing with are sleepiness, and loss of weight. Blake has also shown extreme aggression toward his family, especially his wife and his young son. The treatment plan will involve Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy which should prove effective in dealing with Blake who is suffering from a depressive disorder. This approach should help Blake understand his thoughts and beliefs thereby making REBT an effective approach in helping Blake through the depression and other issues he is now facing in his life.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 2

Blake believes that life is really unfair no matter how smart one may be and no matter how hard one may work. The use of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) should help Blake move from these type of negative thoughts to more positive thoughts....

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