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Case Report

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Title IX

Title IX has not only helped universities across America become more understanding to women’s rights, it has also helped young women gain scholarships to attend college, and helped them to compete, not only in athletics, but also at life.

1st source
Anonymous. Journal of Physical Education Recreation & Dance. Reston: Apr. 2008. Vol. 79, iss. 4; pg. 12

In Texas a boy wanting to compete on the girl’s volleyball team would be denied the opportunity to play, because the school generally offers male activities such as, football, tennis, and cross-country, during the fall. Courts have generally held that because of past inequities in girls sport programs, it would jeopardize girls’ participation opportunities to permit boys’ to participate on girls’ teams. Even though girls have been allowed to participate on boys’ teams, I think that boys should not be allowed, due to the fact that if males were playing on females’ teams, they would eventually take the team over and dominate all of the playing time allowed for the girls. It is difficult to talk about this subject without mentioning title IX. Title IX is about raising the level of programs for females without lowering or taking away programs for males. By letting a male play it would take away from the females, not the other way around. It is common sense that boys are physically stronger than girls, and it would be unfair competition if they were allowed to play. They could even possibly hurt or seriously injure on of the females.

2nd source
NEA Today. Washington: May2008. Vol. 26, iss. 8; pg. 11.

In its early days, title IX smashed barriers for women in school related sports. Before the law, 1 in 27 girls played in high-school or college sports, after the rule, 1 in 2.5 girls play in a school related sport. Although, old attitudes still get in the way. Women in sports say that there is much...

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