Case Study Acuscan

Case Study Acuscan

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Case Study AcuScan

September 22, 2008

Part One: Analysis

Kelly Thomas – Senior Engineer, Product Development
4-6 Assumptions
1-First, Kelly assumed that Pat, Director of Marketing, knew nothing about quality control. 2-He also assumed that all the features for the retinal scanner could not be developed in the time frame allotted. 3-The third assumption made by Kelly was that he assumed AcuScan would not have the staff to develop a new product because of lay-offs the previous year. 4-Finally, he assumed Pat did not have the technological experience since his past experience was with the cereal business.
Pat Lambert – Director of Marketing
6-9 Assumptions
Pat, 1-His assumptions led him to believe that the new product would be a simple addition to the product line. 2-He also assumed that the programmers had plenty of time to work on new product even with staff cuts in the previous year. 3-His third assumption was that because others were not agreeing with him they were not committed to the new product. 4-Pat assumed that the job could be done by outside contractors in the time frame called for. 5-As with many project managers, Pat assumed a meeting would resolve all problems. 6-As far as the customer is concerned, Pat assumed they would be happy with whatever product was developed and launched since AcuScan has been an industry leader for a decade. 7-Finally, Pat assumed Kelly was against him since Kelly questioned his QC experience and knowledge.

Cliff O’Connor – CEO
2-3 Assumptions
As CEO, Cliff does not have an easy job and has made some assumptions of his own. First, he assumed Pat’s history in marketing for a cereal industry would enable him to produce the new product for AcuScan. Next, he assumed the staff would work together to overcome any hurdles for the goodness of the company. Finally, he...

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