Case Study: HAmilton County

Case Study: HAmilton County

1. Identify how predictive analytics was used to solve the business problem. Explain how the predictive analytics solution works.

Predictive analysis was used to monitor day-to-day teaching and learning activities of students. Analytics is allowing the teachers to better understand how conflicting patterns form over the students’ academic life cycle. Teachers were able to further reach out to students and know their interests as individuals.

2. Identify how analytics culture was built in the company.

By providing proper tools and analytics, Hamilton County was able to gather data that were necessary to address the problems they encounter accurately. It helped them to develop new methods and techniques in complying with their needs and encouraged them to improve their system for schools to achieve better success in education.

3. Identify another possible predictive analytics solution that can be applied in schools. Identify the data that you need to be able to provide this predictive solution. Explain how this predictive analytics solution works.

Provide a system that monitors the absences of students. Absence is one factor that deprives students’ learning that can affect their grades and can solve the problem why a student is under performing. Attendance records and student profiles are the data needed to administer this predictive solution. This system detects early indicators that lead to student success or failure, identifying at-risk students so schools can keep them on track.
This solution can work by encouraging the students to talk to their teachers or with counsellors asking their reasons for being absent. This way, schools can provide actions to address the students in coping to their academic performance.

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