Case Study Hrm

Case Study Hrm

1. Identify the mistakes made by the interviewers in the case.

The first mistakes made by the interviewers is they make the candidates wait too long for an interview,this should be avoided .Other than that,the intake officer shall fix the time taken to interview a candidate and plan appropriate schedule based on the interviews that have been set. Long-time interviews will be carried out, so they have to decide whether the interview will be conducted by a committee or a member of the panel or by an interviewer only.

   Secondly, job interviewer need to ask relevant questions and listen and record the responses of candidates. From the information gathered, the interviewers just ask the right questions and relevant,don’t ask anything that not related to the interview. Then interviewer must listen to the answers given by the candidate with carefully and thoroughly.

Finally the interviewer should use a structured method that uses a set of pre-determined questions. This will increase objectivity and improve the accuracy of your ratings. Structured interviews produce better judgments. Structure is equally important for the evaluation and rating process. Before conducting any interviews, determine ideal/acceptable responses for each question.

2. What might Ali decide to do next?

  During the interview, Ali feel dissapointed because of the ill-treatment by the interviewer. This was not what he had expected at all. Ali’s confidence level may be decreased and he feel regret and only wasting his time attend the interview.

For the next interview,Ali shoud make preparations in advance of the new work environment. Evaluate the situation objectively. Write down everything you believe went wrong during the meeting. This includes misunderstood questions, unconvincing embellishments and important points you forgot to mention. Once your list is completed, identify ways to fix your various mistakes.

Even Ali diffuse awkward, embarrassed, or unethical...

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