case study of Samsung

case study of Samsung

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1: Overview of Samsung company
2: Samsung’s business achievement
3: Information staff employees in Samsung
4:Customer relationship management system in Samsung

5: Summary
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Study of Samsung Electronics
1: Overview of Samsung Company
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is a one of biggest organization in digital media and digital technologies. Samsung has highest brand value in the world. The company is operating in more than 50 countries in the world. Seoul in South Korea is the head office of Samsung electronics. Under the Samsung brand they are investing in the buildings foundation and concrete sector. The word Samsung electronics is written in white on a blue background and the colour means stability, reliability and warmth. Samsung dealing with electronic devices such as TVs, computers, notebooks, washing machines, microwaves, USB devices, mobiles, LCDs, cameras, cd players etc. They also dealing other production of Samsung groups that are in construction sector such as in real estate but it main area in electronic log, electronic pipe, tube pipe, telephone log (which all are made by concrete and iron). Because of the low transportation and raw materials cost, Most of the Samsung electronics company had been moved in china and other Asian countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and India. In Asian countries costs are cheaper than US, Canada and UK.
Samsung is different from other brands like Sony, LG and is established in 1969 and one of the largest south Korean company as the flagship company of the Samsung group or Samsung corporation. Through exports Samsung gained fast growth. Samsung decided to undertaking into the television 1972 started production of black and white television sets for the local markets However, Samsung realized that it can become a global brand. They find and analysed the global market opportunities and challenges with the...

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