Case Study on Customer Service at Singapore Airlines

Case Study on Customer Service at Singapore Airlines

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It is case study of “CUSTOMER SERVICE AT SINGAPORE AIRLINES”. This case study is totally about the customer service providing by Singapore Airlines to their customers. In this case study there is a one situation which shows the good customer service of Singapore Airlines to their customer. Some history of Singapore airlines is that SIA started off as Malayan airlines in 1947. The airline operated services in Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Ipoh and Penang (on the western shore of the Malay Peninsula). After the Second World War, Malayan Airlines grew rapidly, and by 1955 it flew nearly 200000 passengers a year. When the Federation of Malaysia was created in 1963, the airline was renamed “Malaysian Airlines” and in 1966, as “Malaysian- Singapore Airlines” (MAS) to reflect the carrier’s joint shareholders, the governments of Malaysia and Singapore. However, in 1972, disputes between the two countries regarding the routes of the airline, resulted in the split of the airline into two new airlines- Malaysian Airlines and SIA. Malaysian Airline took up all the domestic routes, whereas SIA took up all the international routes. The Singapore government was the majority shareholder in SIA.

In 1972, SIA had a fleet of 10 aircraft, a staff of 6000 and a route network covering 22 cities in 18 countries.

In 1973, SIA set up the Singapore Airtel Terminal Services, Ltd (SATA) as a subsidiary to provide ground services. SATA operated many training centers for SIA employees. In 1977, SIA signed an agreement with the US, which gave it permission to fly to San Francisco via Hong-Kong. SIA also began cargo services to San Francisco in 1978. By 1979 it ranked ninth in the international airline industry, rising rapidly from the 55th position that it had held prior to separation from MAS. In 1985, it was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

On October 31, 2000, a Singapore Airlines SQ-006 Boeing 747 crashed in...

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