Case Study

Case Study

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Case study Analysis
James F. Cousar
APRIL1, 2013
Virgina Stewart

Case study Analysis

Executive Summary
ABC Inc. hired 15 new workers with the goal of opening the orientation on June 15. Carl has only six months in the job he is performing and has made some grave miscalculations. This may have been overlooked during his hiring. His insufficiency in certification, and training on Carl’s resume. Due to this, some of the assignments were not dealt with in an appropriate way.
Four glitches are readily apparent; worker applications are half-finished or lost papers, shortage of training manuals, no drug screenings have been administered, and the training room for the orientation is book for the month of June.
Carl Robins, a recently appointed campus recruiter for ABC Inc., hired 15 new workers after working on the job for just six months. These newly hired workers will be under the supervision of Monica Carrolls, the Operations Manager. The first requirement for new workers is to go through company lead orientation). This consists of taking a drug test, physical and, learning company regulations. The preparation for the orientation has not been completed by Carl as required for the new workers on June 15 (University of Phoenix, 2012).
A number of the new hires have finished their paperwork. He has found that most of the worker’s transcripts are missing or have been misplaced, and none of them had the drug screening. To make matters worse, the orientation manuals were incomplete, and he has discovered that the room he was going to use for the orientation will be unavailable for the month of June. Carl has to come up with some kind of strategy to fix this deficiency before the briefing takes place. Once all these tasks are completed, Carl will need to prove to his supervisors that this will not happen again. He can do this by being more hands-on, having better preparation, examining his mistakes, and refining on the known weak areas....

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