Case Study

Case Study

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BSG – 306 / Fall Semester / 2011 - 2012



Course Title: Business Communication

Course Number: BSG – 306

Number of Credits: 3 – 3 – 0

Pre-requisites: BSG – 201 and ENL - 102

Assignment Number: Exercises

Allocation of Marks: 15

Name of the Case Study: Exercises

Note: Copying from any source will be awarded zero

Exercise1: (1mark)

Potential customers frequently visit your production facility before making purchase decisions. You and the people report to you in the sales department have received extensive training in business etiquette issues because your deal with high profile clients so often. However, the rest of the workforce has not received such training and you worry that someone might inadvertently say or do something that would offend one of these potential customers.


Write an e-mail (at least two paragraphs) to the General Manager of the company explaining the importance of business etiquette training for customer interfacing staff at the production site.

Exercise2: (2marks)

Explain specific purpose for each of the following communication tasks:

A. A report to your boss and the Stores Manager about the outdated
items in the warehouse.

B. A letter to a customer who hasn’t made a payment for the last three months.

C. A memo to all employees about the department’s high phone bill.

D. A report to future users of the computer software you have chosen to handle the company’s mailing list.

Exercise3: (2marks)

Bias Free language: Rewrite each of the following to eliminate bias:

A. Bader needs a wheelchair but he doesn’t let his handicap affect his job performance.

B. Pilot Abdullah must have the ability to stay calm under pressure and then he must be trained to cope with any problem that arises.

C. Candidate Fatima married and the mother of a teenager will attend...

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