Case Study

Case Study

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What are the challenges facing Bruce Reid in improving the quality of healthcare and recovering the financial health?

Bruce Reid is facing a challenging task of improving the quality of healthcare and recovering the financial health of Blake Memorial hospital. As the chief executive officer, Bruce came to the hospital because he needed a challenging situation to work on and achieve the best of results.  He has the options of doing away with the six offsite clinics in order to avoid diverting the money used to maintain these clinics from the hospital’s in-house services. However, this would be against the initial intention of setting up the hospital which was tom serve the poor neighborhood of East Marksville because the clinics were set up as a way of taking healthcare services closer to the people.

As it turns out, Blake memorial hospital services are of a poor quality. The hospital’s board was very sensitive to the slipping quality levels and would therefore appreciate any attempts by Bruce to improve the quality. Cutting on the number of staff and trying to maintain the same ratio of fulltime employees and the hospital beds as in the Bruce’s previous hospital would lower the quality. However, it is a good idea for Bruce to implement a Health Management Information System (HMIS) which will ensure that even with the cutting down on the number of fulltime employees Blake memorial can still maintain its current quality of medical care with the potential of improving with time as the system is put to effective use (Kadrie 2006).

According to Carlson (2009), the World Health Organization has it that Health Management Information system could bring many benefits to the hospital. Through the system, those who make key decisions would be able to detect and control endemic and arising health problems while promoting equity and attaining other set health goals. The system will also help in empowering the community with timely...

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