Case Study

Case Study

Blake Memorial Hospital, situated on the east side of Marksville, is one of the two acute-care hospitals located in Marksville. It was recognized as a non-profit organisation to work for the medical necessities of the poor people. The organisation has set up four in-house clinics and six off-site clinics five years ago collaborating with the city council of Marksville, aiming at providing a good superior healthcare to the people residing in the poor localities. However, the economic position of the organisation has been declining, because of which the Board Of Directors at Blake Memorial Hospital have hired Mr.Bruce Reid as the new CEO of the organisation. Mr.Bruce Reid was given a huge task of improving the quality of care being delivered by the organisation and to get the financial situation back under control.

After spending six months at a position of leadership of the organisation, evaluating the existing circumstances and upcoming predictions, Mr.Bruce Reid is now encountered the challenge of deciding the $70 million financial plan of the organisation. The Following issues of key importance to be dealt have been traced out by him.

Six off-site clinics future: The condition of the six off-site clinics was terrible and required restoration. The operating budget of the clinics was $1.1 million which lead to a loss of $256,000 last year. The yearly loss is projected to rise even further and more importantly, any fluctuations in the current process would have political impacts.

Diminishing superiority of care: According to the analyses of public relations office patients awareness over the past few years Blake Memorial's quality has been declining.

Economic disputes:- A number of in-house services at Blake Memorial were allotted less funds than actually needed.
The income made by the organisation has remained fixed while the expenses have gone up.
Some degree of ability to derive as a consequence of an already high...

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