Case Study

Case Study

Case Study
1. How does the job of the CIO change with the assumption of customer responsibilities? Do you agree with this new development. Why or why not?
Answer :
1. These questions are based on the need of executive leadership planning in the proper uses and implementation of information technology. This planning is especially needed in areas of establishing a competitive advantage over ones foes. Organizational Planning methodologies to consider are ;
a. Strategic Planning- Basically they are a firms mission and goals.
b. Tactical Planning- The development of budgets, schedules, rules and processes.
c. Operational Planning- day to day implementation.

2.Why would there be internal resistance to CIOs becoming more externally customer-focused than they were before? Does this present a threat to executives in other areas of a company?

2. Planning models in development of application and infrastructures are key components to this, ever expanding global IT phenomena. There are converging trends which marry Technology, Deregulation, competitive Imperatives and lastly customer sophistication and expectations. The customer expectations are the demand for better products that are easier to operate and implement.
3.How do companies benefit from having their CIO meet customers and generally become more involved with product development? What can companies do now that was not possible before? Provide a few examples.
3. Generally, the key to strategic IT Planning is; to identify your customer and their priorities, to as value and become your customers first choice, and lastly to identify the competition. A CIO actually meeting his customers face to face adds value and allows the CIO to get an unfiltered view of his customer and their needs.
Real World Activities

1. The IT function is notorious for being dynamic, and its leaders are no exception. Go online to research recent trends affecting the traditional roles of senior IT executives and how...

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