Case Study

Case Study

1223 Almeria Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 542-4900
July 22, 2014

Stephen Lusher, Prof.
Department of Communication Arts
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Dear Professor Lusher:

I have recently received a letter from a well-known music label for production and recording in the city of New York. My time has finally come and all my hard work has finally paid off now that I am being offered an internship with them. It has been a close dream of mine to work with a high-end recording label for music production for many years and at last I’m receiving the opportunity to work with one. I am writing this letter to you for a recommendation since you have taught me at the institution of FIU and you know my performance well.

You know me better than most students in your communications class. I always came to your office for any help or to ask additional questions that could benefit me on my papers. I remember the times I helped you in class passing out pencils and the exam papers for other classes when you needed me to volunteer. I personally think that we established a great friendship with each other and yet being another reason why I come to ask you for a request in a letter of recommendation.

I have finished revising my resume to send out to the recording label. I would like to email it you for a final revision in case there are small mistakes that I have left out. I will then send the resume out first since they only know me by name and then the letter of recommendation to follow.

The letter of recommendation will be sent to the following address:

Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Avenue, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10022-3211

An appropriate time to send the letter would be between the dates of August 1st – August 5th. Anywhere between that time frame would be great.

I couldn’t be any more grateful, Professor Lusher, for taking your personal time to write a letter of recommendation for...

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