Case study

Case study

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Should Ramona Alexander sign the contract of the company?

At the very beginning, in terms of feelings and confidence, I personally believe that when something feels off, it is. Given the situation, the company is reputable and is part of the most viewed and trusted source when it comes to fame and business, Forbes. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something big and contribute to it?

Corporate Culture:
As mentioned with Next Step, having a good reputation in the business industry, Ramona took further reviews on the company and found out that Next Step’s business practices are somewhat doubtful and questionable. A positive image of the company was presented all throughout the media and America. Having the company’s goal, which is “To create a healthier America” gave Ramona the impression that the company is doing something serious promoting health in the nation, while in fact, the only mindset of the people working there is to earn money without considering practices.

Honesty, on the other hand is an important virtue of morality. It implies straightforwardness, truthfulness and etc. On this situation, it was said that the company sends out researchers around the world in search for new product lines and take photographs in exotic places. Also it was stated that PR is doing their job as somewhat to reveal a decent and reputable company.

In America, customer protection is very strong, it means, customer has always the right to get the services he or she pays for. As per this case, customer was not obviously a priority. And the CEO itself being very blunt shows unprofessionalism. Which is totally a red flag.

Strategic Ethics v. Real Ethics
Ethics injected in business are used for increase in profit. Bad ethics can be extremely profitable in short term, but placing good ethics over profits pays off in the long run. Given on this case, was from a gripe site, stated that, there’s a slight forced of...

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