case sutdy

case sutdy

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Lesson 6 # Chapter 12
Anil Shrestha
International American University
MGT 500: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Verta Midcalf
October 3, 2015
Effective communication: Partnership in Italy
The case is about Melissa Chang, who was asked to visit Venice, Italy to meet with her partner firm. Visit was not easy. She knows the fact to make contact with the office and make confirm to het visit plans. She found that making trip would add language barrier. She feels sort of hesitation and also guard. She also has to do the things clearly, otherwise they would lose partnerships. After face to face interaction with partners in Venice, she frustrated. In 2nd meetings, it was much more effective. She got to know how office at Italy has made and to perform. She and Italian partner go for planning for next year. Italian partner was very impressed by her work. She was much appreciated and praised.
Review/Analysis of the Case
Analysis of Findings

Communication plays crucial role in the firm that remove the delays, misunderstanding, distraction, distractions and maintain coordination and control. Effective communication helps the employees to know the task behavior, standards of performance, goal setting and feedback and to motivates them.
In order to adopt effective communication, there are guidelines that need to be implemented that is:
Manager commitment to the important of communication,
face to face interaction,
there must be two way communications,
Sharing of duties and responsibility among employee.

Impact of Melissa’s communication style on the Italian partner’s performance
Though, Melissa make trip to conduct meeting with very bad possibilities on meeting’s success. She clearly did not attribute, percept or stereotyped safe her from proper communication with the firm’s partners. She uses non-verbal clues while entering the meeting that the things done clearly. She clearly conveys messages through non-verbal communication namely...

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