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Casino Royale starring James Bond. Is the film suitable for a twelve year old?

“Casino Royale”: an action packed film made in 2006 starring Daniel Craig as M16 agent James Bond.
The film was produced by Martin Campbell and made in Montenegro. Casino Royale is set at the beginning of James Bonds career as agent 007, having earned his licence to kill. Bond is tortured from the very start of the scene and shortly after, being dragged from his crashed Aston Martin. Due to the graphic nature of the film it is debatable whether or not “Casino Royale” is suitable for its certificate twelve.

Is the torture scene appropriate for children? It seems very obtuse of parents to think that the scene has no effect at all whilst some parent are concerned with the movie ratings. In reality many parents are happy for their children to view certificates 12 movies unaccompanied. The torture scene invariably has an effect on children and the shocking brutality will not be forgotten. In many ways the scene is not suitable because it includes a naked man and a lot of violence. Le Chifre, (villain of the film who launders money for terrorists) ties Bond to a chair and whips him constantly. Whilst you do not see the whip actually hitting Bond, the long shot portrays what is happening and a twelve year old would easily work out what is going on. On the flip side however, not seeing what is occurring makes the film appropriate for twelve-year-olds, as their perceptions cannot be pre-judged. By clever use of the low angle shots, Bond’s bare legs and upper body are exposed but his full body is not. Even though it is apparent Bond is naked, explicate details are not shown.

Bond deals with being tortured by trying to intimidate his rturers; he makes a joke about his situation and therefore the use of black humour in the film makes it suitable for the younger viewers. The scene even though intense and dramatic is made comical by Bonds comments and makes the film humorous and more...

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