Castle's Family Restaurnat Business

Castle's Family Restaurnat Business

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Assessment

DeVry University


Castle’s Family Restaurant have expanded in the northern California region with eight actively open restaurants. Jay Morgan concurrently holds the titles of operations manager and Human Resource manager for all eight restaurants commuting weekly to each store handling all managerial operations. With roughly 300 to 340 employees currently working in the eight restaurants approximately 120-136 are full time employees and 180-204 are part time employees. With the economy changing and the price of gas increasing, changes need to be made to accommodate the growing rate of Castle’s Family Restaurants and the employees they attain. An outside referral in the human resource department is necessary to help structure the interworking’s of Castle’s Family Restaurants and equip the company with positive changes that will improve the work flow. Items to review for improvement will be responsibility of operations manager, responsibility of HR manager, restaurant employee to management ratio, employee turn around and staffing, billing and payroll.
It is our intentions as HR consultants to minimize overhead travel expenses, incorporate better communications between management and employees and how to better organize the responsibilities of the HR manager from a central locations while still meeting the needs of the employees and the restaurants as a whole.


Name: Castle’s Family Restaurant
Type: Restaurant
Business size: Approximately 37-42 employees per. Establishment

The restaurant has managed to become a mini chain of restaurants along the northern California region opening 8 establishments and hiring over 300 employees. With the day to day worries and the monthly duties of managing a restaurant business appears to be steady all under the handling of Jay Morgan. Jay Morgan runs the day to day operations of keeping the company’s program...

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