Cat in the Rain

Cat in the Rain

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Natalie Lindsey

Angela Fowler

November 6, 2008

Cat in the Rain

Cat in the rain is actually not about a cat being in the rain. It is about an American husband and wife that are having marital problems. They can not stand to be alone in the hotel room with one another. The husband shows no interest in his wife at all. The American wife is seeking attention and affection from her husband. The hotel operator gives the American wife the attention that she is wanting from her husband.
The American husband and wife are stuck in a hotel room due to the rain. The husband is in the bed reading a book. While the wife is trying to get him to notice her and give her the attention and affection that he is longing for. He doesn’t pay her any kind of attention. And when she asks him a question or for his opinion about something. He gives her a quick answer and continues to read his book.
The American wife is trying to get her husband to notice her. She tries to make conversation with him while they are in the hotel room. But he gives her quick answers and doesn’t even look up at her. She notices a cat outside under a tree trying not to get wet in the rain. When she tells her husband that she is going to get the cat, He tells her not to get wet and continues to read his book.

When the American wife goes down to get the cat out of the rain. The hotel operator asks her where she is going. And gives her the attention that she is looking for from her husband. He makes her feel like she is the most important person at that particular moment. When sees that she doesn’t have the cat when she comes back inside. He sends the maid to find the cat, and she takes it to the American wife’s room.
The American wife is seeking affection and attention from her husband. And he is not interested in trying to for fill those needs at all. So when the wife rambles on about the things that she wants and cant have. He pays her no attention at all. She...

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