Catch 22

Catch 22

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1 The central character of this novel is John Yossarian. The point of the book in terms of what Yossarian learns in the end is that man should try to preserve his or her life. He believes that men are constantly asked to risk their lives for completely illogical and unimportant reasons.

2 In the end of the novel, Yossarian learns that his friend Orr has crashed and washed up onto Sweden so he is now free from the war. Yossarian realizes that he also can be in Orr's position and that he does not have to be tormented by this war so he decides to desert. "'I'm going to run away,' Yossarian announced in an exuberant, clear voice, already tearing open the buttons of his pajama tops."

3 Yossarian's view on life is that it is too precious to be lost at a young age. He will stay alive and make the most out of his life or he will die trying. This is showed when he finally ditches the military to be free from the war. "'Goodbye, Yossarian,' the chaplain called. 'And good luck. I'll stay here and persevere, and we'll meet again when the fighting stops.' 'So long, Chaplain. Thanks, Danby.' 'How do you feel, Yossarian?' 'Fine. No, I'm very frightened.' 'That's good,' said major Danby. 'It proves you're still alive. It won't be fun.' Yossarian started out. 'Yes it will.' ' I mean it, Yossarian. You'll have to keep on your toes every minute of every day. They'll bend heaven and earth to catch you.' 'I'll keep on my toes every minute.' 'You'll have to jump.' 'I'll jump.' 'Jump!' Major Danby cried. Yossarian jumped. Nately's whore was hiding just outside the door. The knife came down, missing him by inches, and he took off."

4 Orr is Yossarian's roommate. Orr reveals the great truth to Yossarian when his plane crashes and it is revealed that Orr washed ashore in Sweden and was now free from the war. Yossarian then decides that he himself should also desert the army because he feels his life is too precious.

5 The title has to do with the fact...

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