Catcher in Rye

Catcher in Rye

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never does. Holden is very unique. He is influenced to be by Phoebe. Phoebe is not like other children her age. She does things that many young kids would never think about doing. She’s also very brave. This makes Holden sad because at times he wishes he was brave too. Phoebe’s personality influences Holden’s in many ways, both negative and positive.

Its very obvious that Phoebe cares deeply for her brother Holden. He is constantly talking about the wonderful relationship they have. This makes Holden extremely happy when he thinks about it. All Phoebe can think about is how her father may hurt Holden when he finds out that Holden was kicked out of school. Phoebe influences Holden to care, because before he actually went back home he cared about nothing. Being around her made him realize that he should be more concerned about the decisions he makes. At the end of the novel when Holden is about to leave and go away, Phoebe says that she’s going too. This helps Holden understand that he can’t just give up on things and leave, he has to work problems out and do his best. This shows how attached and thoughtful Phoebe is of Holden.

In conclusion, we realize how the characteristics of Phoebe play a role in the molding of Holden’s life. Her matureness helps him realize he should take more responsibility for his actions. The fact that she has a strong personality and is very intelligent, gives Holden something to admire and long for to be. The love Phoebe has for her big brother influences him to have the courage to love back. He no longer wants to be anti social for the simple fact, that every time he’s with Phoebe he feels loved. The writer believes that Phoebe’s influences on Holden are the most important components in his character.

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