Catcher Poem

Catcher Poem

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Concrete Poems


The Catcher in the Rye

There are many symbols in the novel, The Catcher in the Rye. Symbolism is an economic method of using a familiar object to represent deeper, more complex, and/or abstract ideas. Here is a list of some of the symbols Salinger uses:

- hunting cap - snowball fight
- baseball glove - song
- carousel - chess game message
- record - Pency Prep
- foils - telephone calls
- the museum

Concrete poetry is similar to symbolism. Concrete poetry is the use of words and their physical formation to convey meaning. This may be done with colour, the shape of the letters, and/or the arrangement of words.

Choose a symbol used in the novel. Graphically create a concrete poem. From a distance, your poem will look like a picture, but up close it will consist of words and phrases. No extra lines or shapes should be used. A light pencil line might be drawn first as a guide. Use colours, shapes, and sizes that will enhance the meaning of words.

An alternative is to use a letter of the alphabet to create a phrase in which most of the words begin with that letter. The major letter should be drawn so that it suggests the object you are describing.

Bird #3
   by Don J. Carlson
                  raven told
            him nothing nevermore
                  and Vincent's circling
                    crows were a threat to destroy
                      sunlight. Now I saw a bird, black with a yellow
                        beak, orange rubber legs
                           pecking to kill the
                             lawn, storm bird
                              hates with claw,
                                  evil beak,
                                    and eye...

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