Catching Fire

Catching Fire

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Reader Response

The Hunger games for the first time I learned, that is the movies released in China. Story structure in a virtual world, there are two kinds of different life. One is poor, every day people in order to survive and people all worry the life . The other one is a rich, the people are worry about the boring thing every day. In retrospect has some vague memory, seemed to be leading role in order to protect their life instead of her little sister went to the hunger games. Eventually won.

Reading a novel in English for the first time, it is difficult for me. Now I read a novel. As far as I know, each film adapted from novels, there are a lot of adaptation, and it is more difficult for me, because I haven't read the first book of the Hunger games. I don't know her way of description and narrative, let alone English. There are a lot of new words I need to find its meaning and then I can understand the meaning of the article. I spent one night to find translation and understanding in two pages of the book.

I have a question, how to understand and read rapidly. This is a big problem.

I had started reading about 2 pages of the book,which let me know the protagonist of the pain. There are many, many words show me that . For example "I should get up, move around, and work the stiffness from my limbs. But instead I sit.",I could feel her pain. There are so many words show me that she is in pain and angry with the Hunger games.
The author used the first person to describe the story, in order to make readers to lead into the story . Further expressed his dislike of the Hunger games.

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