Catholic Church Funds

Catholic Church Funds

Catholic church funds stem cell research
1a. The issue being discussed in the article is stem cell research. The catholic church has donated 100,000 dollars to support the research plan which aims at regenerating blood formation in patients with blood disorders such as leukaemia and cancer.

B. the point of view is a positive one. Although the church still doesn’t condone embryonic stem cell research, it has given a grant to further research adult stem cells, in a hope to help and cure many people around the world.

C. the values of the catholic church portrayed throughout this article include generosity in giving 100,00 dollars, with it being the fourth time in which they have donated to this kind of research.

D. this article effects the whole world, as the money donated to the research could ultimately be the deciding factor which leads to the discovery of new cures to disorders such as cancer.

Pope urges ‘acceptance’ in xmas message
1a. The issue being discussed in this article is acceptance. The pope has spoke out towards all Christian people of the world to show acceptance and welcome migrants fleeing poverty and intolerance at home.

B. this article is conveying the popes point of view and wishes for a united world. In this Christmas message, he wishes that people will show compassion and open their arms to the migrants fleeing their country for a better life.

C. the pope highlights the values of the church through his message. He urges the public to have love, compassion and to be generous to our fellow brothers and sisters who have migrated from other country to seek refuge.

D. this article connects with the broader community of the world as it can relate to many of the countries who get many asylum seekers from 3rd world countries trying to get into their country.

Church acting against paedophiles: Pope
1a. The issues being discussed in this article is paedophilia in the catholic church.

B. this article is also conveying the...

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