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▪ Who is God? Ans: The Holy Trinity (The father the son and the Holy Spirit).
▪ Who is the founder of their religion? Jesus Christ
▪ What holy book they follow? Bible
▪ What are the ideas of Heaven, Hell and Life after death? Heaven is where we go to meet Christ, Hell is a place for those who reject him and Purgatory is a place where we go to purify the soul if it died with the stain of sin.
▪ What does one need to do to receive forgiveness of sin? Well..You have to confess it to a priest and he forgives us and cleans us of all our sins.

▪ The Seven Sacraments is the center of our life as Catholics
• The Sacrament of Intimation
• The Sacrament of Baptism
• The Sacrament of Confirmation
• The Sacrament of Holy Communion
• The Sacrament of Confession
• The Sacrament of Marriage
• The Sacrament of Holy Orders
• The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

▪ The Sacrament of Initiation - Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion—are the three primary sacraments.

▪ The Sacrament of Baptism- the first of the sacraments of initiation, is our entrance into the Church. Through Baptism, we are cleansed of Original Sin and receive sanctifying grace, the life of God within our souls.

▪ The Sacrament of Confirmation- Confirmation is the perfection of Baptism, and it gives us the grace to live our life as a Christian boldly and without shame.

▪ The Sacrament of Holy Communion- In Holy Communion, we consume the Body and Blood of Christ, which unites us more closely to Him and helps us to grow in grace by living a more Christian life.

▪ The Sacrament of Confession- In reconciling us to God, it is a great source of grace, and Catholics are encouraged to take advantage of it often. When we sin, we deprive ourselves of God’s grace. And by doing so, we make it even easier to sin some more. The only...