Causes of Domestic Violence

Causes of Domestic Violence

Title: Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, which occurs in all levels of society, comes in two main categories – emotional or physical abuse – caused by the need of one person having total control in a relationship over another. Usually, the women are the victims. Men, although knowing that it is wrong, still went ahead with it may be because they are receiving too much stress from those around them, have a strong need to be in control or they may be socially influenced.

Domestic violence occurs because men are overstressed and they abuse their wives as a way to relieve themselves. One of the sources for their stress comes from their workplace. They have to face their boss’s music if their work is not satisfactory, thus being in constant fear of losing their job. Men are the breadwinner of the family. They feel pressured when they are not able to provide financial support. Men may also give themselves too much stress simply because they are dissatisfied with life. This situation causes them to overwork to get something more and that is when pressure sets in too. Hence, domestic violence occurs because men experience too much pressure and could not handle it.

Some men have this strong need to be in control, which results in their dominating behavior. Some women have an authoritative personality, causing a conflict about who would be in control. This would then lead the men to resort to abusive behaviors in order to ‘put the women back in their places’. They also feel inferior if their partners hold a higher social status. For them to still feel superior despite that, they suppress the women by being dominating. Most women allow their spouses to dominate them by taking no action to stop it. This actually encourages the men to continue the violent behavior towards them. Hence, domestic violence is cause by the overwhelming need of some men to be in power.
This violent behavior often is also caused by social influences primarily when growing...

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