Causes of Ww1

Causes of Ww1

There are without a doubt many reasons for the beginning of World War 1. The main reason would undoubtly be the impact of the Alliance system on Europe at that time. The Alliance system created two major forces who with little encouragement would be willing to attack the other.
Germany's desire to be a superpower within Europe and the rest of the world meant that the arms race became a much bigger deal than it may otherwise have been. The final straw was the assasination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand - a fire that lit the kindling for war.

Air pollution in Beijing is a major concern both to Chinese nationals and foreigners alike. Air pollution is a result of two main human activities. The burning of coal for heating and energy and the emissions from motor vehicles.

Beijing is currently experiencing an alarming rate of growth in relation to the motor vehicle industry. It was not that long ago that horses and carts ploughed the city streets. These days there are over 3000 new cars being purchased in the city of Beijing alone. Add that to the already congested streets and Beijing is set for a motoring catastrophe. Add to that lax laws about vehicle emissions and the air quality in Beijing is no doubt going to diminish.

Coal burning factories litter the Beijing streets. The view from an average apartment window shows no less than 5 but often up to 30 chimney stacks. Every stack spews toxic carbon monoxide gases into the environment. Furthermore coal is a source of cheap fuel for the Chinese masses. Many homes are warmed by the burning of cheap coal bricks. Cooking is done over coal built fires. The air is literally black with soot from the coal.

It may seem that the air pollution is without a solution in Beijing. However the recent Beijing Olympics

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