Speaker 1: But like you can just go - I used to be a wooden pole fan and what I would do to get into tighter quarters, because you find yourself rolling in the hallway and you're like bang, bang, bang, bang. I cut them short. I cut them down to two foot and I was fine with that. I loved it forever.

Speaker 2: I liked this too

Speaker 1: Forever.

Speaker 2: Yea.

Speaker 1: Forever they were my favorite things. Because I'm cheap. So it was like, you know, five bucks. That's what I would do and I would go out to my chopsaw and cut it.

Speaker 3: So it's like a wooden daggit, would you say?

Speaker 1: Yeah, exactly. It's a Pete roller pole but it's got the attachment for a - yea. So I, in the splerging and spending, I want to say it's like twenty five, thirty bucks, but I paint all the time for an adjustable roller pole. It's metal. It's two foot long. You extend it up. It goes to four foot. It's amazing.

Speaker 2: Really?

Speaker 1: And I love it and it's super light. It's not, you know, it's one of my favorite little things that I've bought. Because I do paint a lot. And it helps my back. I have shoulder problems and I guess if you are a DIY or whatever, it's no big deal. You don't paint, not that often. But if you are a DIYer who happens to play tennis and have a shoulder problem, I highly recommend doing the adjustable pole. So that was like a lot of non-useful information.

Speaker 3: No. That's fine. Because I might pull that in as a tip somewhere else.

Speaker 2: Of course also sandpaper. You can buy a pack of sandpaper that has three different grits. Usually they're formulated for process sanding, a heavy grit all the way down to a fine grit. You know.

Speaker 1: The finer the grit, the smoother the finish.

Speaker 2: The finer the grit, the smoother the surface. The lower the number, the rougher the surface. And I don't know. That's just good to have around. It's like every time you go to the hardware store buy a sheet...