Celebrity Role Models

Celebrity Role Models

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Devonte Gordon
March 7, 2011

Celebrity Role Models

There has been much concern about the effect that many celebrities are becoming bad role models rather than good ones to children and even adults. Many people are trying to become what they see on TV because some celebrities are seen as idols to many. When celebrities do bad things in public, many parents and adults get upset to see their kids’ act the same way as they do and consider them as negative influence to children.

Celebrity’s character, personality, and positive choice-making help build good role models.

If a celebrity doesn’t show good character kids will follow them and think it is ok, because they are doing it, not knowing what’s right from wrong. In recent months especially, there have been incidents where some of the celebrities that kids love to imitate, have gotten into some trouble. People like Miley Cyrus gets in trouble with the law on Monday after she was reportedly pulled over by police after she was caught talking on her cell phone while driving. When kids see this stuff happening they think it’s ok and the only kind of punishment they will receive is a warning for their actions. When they see their favorite stars getting locked up parents try to pull their kids away from stuff like that because they don’t want their child to think that’s cool. Lil Wayne has been arrested several times on drug possession but has been released from jail on bail many times. In many of these cases these celebrities are paying the price for their actions. In being fair to celebrities, there are many who pride themselves on trying to become better role models for their young audiences.

True role models possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to become better people. People like Oprah Winfrey give us a good role model who goes out of their way to make others lives better. She gives money out of her pockets for...

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