Educational Psychology

Group Members: Rubina Lal, Lawrence Mataitoga, Mary May, Vereniki Nadau, Maria Likutotodro

• Introduction - Education Psychology
- History of Psychology
• Major Areas Education Psychology is Applied
• How can teachers teach effectively
• How can teachers deal with behavioural problems in the classroom
• Importance of Education Psychology for teachers
• Classroom Scenario’s - group mini drama
• Conclusion
• Reference

Educational Psychology
. Is the combination or overlapping of two separate fields of study: Education and
. Education - is the process of facilitating learning.
. Psychology - is the study of human mind and behaviour or a scientific study of
human mind to understand, explain and predict human behaviour.
. study of how people: learn, student outcomes, instructional process, individual
differences in learning, gifted learners and learning disabilities.
. focus on understanding the process of learning and teaching that takes place in
formal learning environments.

History of Psychology


Psychologist (s)


428 – 347 BC


Greek philosopher who argued for the role of nature in psychological development

384 – 322 BC


Greek philosopher who argued for the role of nurture in psychological development

1588 - 1679

Thomas Hobbes

English Philosopher

1596 - 1650

Rene Descrates

French Philosopher

1632 - 1764

John Locke

English Philosopher

1712 - 1778

Jean Jacques

French Philosopher

1801 - 1887

Gustav Fechner

German experimental psychologists, who developed the idea of just a noticeable difference (JND), which is
considered to be the first empirical psychological measurement.

1809 - 1882

Charles Darwin

British naturalist whose theory of natural selection influenced the functionalist school and the field of
evolutionary psychology.

1832 - 1920

Wilhelm Wundt


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