Cell Membrane Permeability Experiment

Cell Membrane Permeability Experiment

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Laboratory Report
Cell membrane permeability experiment
With temperature and pH

(i) Objective
To investigate the membrane permeability with different temperature & pH (acid and base)
Predict that the most damage to the membrane will be caused by the
acid or the boiling water.

(ii) Background
Acid causes more damage to things and also aggressive reactions that causing greater effects
Heat makes a molecule gain more kinetic energy and its makes transport over the membrane will be quicker.

(iii) Materials and Method
o Beetroot
o Cutting cylinder
o Large knife
o Forceps
o 3 Test tube
o Test tube racks
o 250ml beaker
o 2 100ml beaker
o Bunsen Burner
o Tripod
o Distilled water
o Dilute hydrochloric acid
o Dilute potassium hydroxide
o Stopwatch
First, we cut ± 5 cylinders of beetroot tissue using cutting cylinder, each 3cm long x 0.5cm diameter, washed and placed in distilled water.
For heat treatment:
The water bath (about 200ml) must then be heated to 70 cm (the first temperature for the experiment)
After it reach 55˚ C we immersed the first cylinder for one minute then withdrawn it and placed in 15 cm cubic of water in a labelled test tube (lets say it we label it as A tube)at room temperature for 15 minutes.
Then we replaced the water with the new one and heated it until 40˚C then immersed again the second cylinders for one minutes and discarded it labeled it B.
Repeat the process and heated it until 15˚C (final temperature) ,immersed the cylinders and put into the test tube and labeled it as C tube
After all the experiment finished we just wait until 15 minutes and see the different of the pigment or the cell membrane permeability in different temperature.
For PH treatment:
For this experiment we used hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide that act as strong acid and base.
We just pour the HCL and KOH into the breaker until it...

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