Cell Membrane

Cell Membrane

Cells Experiment: Potato Osmosis

1. Prepare a sugar solution by dissolving 8 grams of table sugar in 50 ml of warm water. Stir until dissolved. Use your metric scale attached to a paper cup to weight the sugar. Use a metric beaker to measure the water.

2. Label three test-tubes A, B and C.
3. Use a cylinder and put 20 ml of water in tube A and 10 ml of water in tube B.jk
4. Put 10 ml of sugar solution in tube B and 20 ml of sugar solution in tube C.
5. Working on a cutting board, from the center of a large peeled potato, cut 3 pieces of potato like very thin like long French fries that will stand up in the test tubes. Cut all three exactly the same size in width and length. Trim the ends flat.
6. Put one cylinder in each test-tube.
7. Leave the potato tissue for 24 hours.
8. After 24 hours, use forceps or tweezers to remove the potato cylinder from test-tube B. Rinse it in a beaker of water and measure its length in mm. Repeat this operation for the potato pieces in tubes A and C noting at the same time whether the tissue is firm or flabby.
9. Record your results in the table below and on your Lab Report.

Plain Water
8% Sugar Soln.
C 16% Sugar Soln.
Length before immersion
2 inches
2 inches
2 inches
Length after immersion

Firm or flabby after immersion?

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