Cell Phone in the 20th Century vs Landine Phone

Cell Phone in the 20th Century vs Landine Phone

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Cell Phone in the 20th century vs. Landline Phone

Phones are important because we rely on them to communicate with other people. Although a cell phone can’t give you a crisp, crystal clear connection as a landline phone. A landline phone is a device that we plug into the outlets of our homes, and business; on the other hand, cell phones are mobile and they have the capability and the advanced technology. For me, I love having a cell phone it keep me up to date on important information, and also the ability to call someone when I’m out or when there an emergency. My opinions on this is that any phone is great to have, and important to meet any one needs.

Convinces of having a cell phone is that you can have it on hand where ever you go. As for a landline you can’t take it with you. Cell phone have a GPS technology that can find your exact location or where you trying to go. Cell phone also can give you the chance to take live pictures or video camera whereas landline can’t. Cell phone has great features such as watch TV, MP3 players, can store all our contact information, keep track of our appointments, and important dates.

The safety of having a landline phone is for having a landline phone is for home protection while most cell phone can’t give you that home protection. A landline phone is used to have an alarm system in your home. For an example, in my home if our alarm system start to go off the alarm company will first call the house phone to ask what our password is to turn off the alarm. Another thing about a landline is that you can call your cell phone if you misplaced it in your home or lose it.

Cell phones are often more expensive than landline phones. Landline phones lock you down and do not give you the freedom to call from anywhere, unless you pay extra to add long distance. Sure, cordless phones give some freedom but there is additional charge depend what plan you have. Cell phones have the ability to do virtually all that...

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