Cell Phones: One of the Greatest Inventions Man Have Made

Cell Phones: One of the Greatest Inventions Man Have Made

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Cell Phones

Fellow toastmasters, etc.
My phone rings(I will ask someone from the audience to call my cellphone).

(With a puzzled look on my face) Looks like my cell phone is ringing. Does a day or an hour go by when you do not hear a phone ring somewhere within your ear length(I need a word that is similar to vicinity). We all carry cell phones, not because we like them, but with a hope that it makes our lives less chaotic. Do you think your life without a cell phone will be as hard as the President of a toastmasters club. My phone helped ease my worries when school called on cell phone to say my sick child was doing ok in the school, or when my husband calls from NY to say he is doing fine, but has been stuck in the traffiic for the last 6 hours. Fellow TM, today let us talk about how people use their cell phones.

I am sure you all agree, that cell phones are one of the greatest inventions humans have made. Dr Martin Cooper, is considered the inventor of the first portable handset. He made the first call in 1973. Since that inventon, cell phone technology has evolved so much.

I am sure you all have seen, people get on buses, go into public places and even sit in quiet waiting rooms full of people while talking through their cell phone. Few weeks, back I was at a retail store check out counter waiting for my turn. Someone comes stands behind me with some groceries, and starts talking on his cell phone. He was talking so loud, you cannot stop paying attention to him. He goes “Hi Matt. I am store buying beer”. He goes on with vivid descriptions on how he had fun spending time with his girl friend the night before. I wanted to smack him and tell him, to keep his conversation private. I hope cell phone providers start handing out phone etiquette manuals in the future.

I see yet another set of cell phone users in offices. When a meeting is called on, they enter the room. First thing they do is to take out the blackberry and keep it on the table. While...

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