Cell Phones? Seriously?

Cell Phones? Seriously?

The issues involving cell phones has been a popular topic amongst scholars for many years. I really, really like cell phones. While much has been written on its influence on contemporary living, its influence on western cinema has not been given proper recognition. It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilizations history that cell phones is rarely given rational consideration by those most reliant on technology, who are likely to form a major stronghold in the inevitable battle for hearts and minds. In the light of this I will break down the issues in order to give each of them the thought that they fully deserve

Social Factors

As Reflected in classical mythology society is complicated. The immortal and indispensable phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’ [1] globalised an issue which had remained buried in the hearts of our ancestors for centuries. Spanning divides such as class, race and uglyness, cell phones cleary plays a significant role amongst the developing middle classes.

Recent thought on cell phones has been a real eye-opener for society from young to old. Clearly it promotes higher individualism and obeyence of instinct. As soon as a child meets cell phones they are changed.

Economic Factors

The preceding section may have shed some light on society but to really understand man you must know how he spends his money. Of course, cell phones fits perfectly into the Inter-Spam model, as is standard in this case.

cell phones

When displayed this way it becomes very clear that cell phones is of great importance. Even a child could work out that the annual military budget, ultimately decided by politicians, will always be heavily influenced by cell phones due to its consistently high profile in the portfolio of investors. Supply Side Economic Tax Cuts Tax deductions could turn out to be a risky tactic.

Political Factors

Posturing as concerned patriarchs, many politicians guide the electorate herd to...

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