Cellphone Definition

Cellphone Definition

cellphones advantages

Communication has always been of the highest importance to members of any society. Without communication how would anyone know the day’s current events, know about jobs or know what is happening with one’s family. Most communication had been face to face verbal exchange. Then printed word became a way to communicate especially at a distance. Information took quite awhile to arrive at its destination. People were constantly in need of faster and better communication. The invention of the telegraph improved communication dramatically. Yet, the invention of the telephone brought a breakthrough of the greatest advantage for society. It is an invention that changed the way we communicate and impart information, and it continues to evolve for better or worse.

Dictionary.com defines a cellular phone as a mobile radiotelephone, often in an automobile, that uses a network of short-range transmitters located in overlapping cells throughout a region, with a central station making connections to regular telephone lines. This essentially means that a cell phone is a phone you can basically take and use anywhere. Cell phones have many advantages; they work well for everyday life, increase safety, and show status.
Cell phones are used every day and are replacing home phones because of their great price plans and new technology features. You can connect to the Internet from many cell phones that are out today. This feature is very important, especially if you travel frequently for business because you can send and receive emails, check the news, and even chat online. There are also cameras being added on to cell phones. This is a beneficial feature for friends,

> There are many advantages and disadvantages in having a cellular phone. Cell phones have some advantages over disadvantages. Today, cellular have made people’s view on them change. They have gone from becoming a nuisance to being a necessity in their pockets and purses. Cellular phones...

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