CELTA Assignment 2

CELTA Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Language Related Tasks
750 –1000 words
This assignment is to develop your language awareness for the purposes of teaching. You will practise ways in which to contextualise language and highlight relevant features of meaning, form and pronunciation. You will also highlight problematic areas for students relating to the structures below and suggest how you might help learners with the areas you have selected (meaning, form and pronunciation where relevant). The purpose of this is to get you to practise the kind of contextualising and checking you will often do on the spot in class when language arises or when designing lessons.
For each of the following items of language:

state the meaning or use of the language highlighted in bold (lexis or grammar)

provide a brief context to convey meaning of target language within the model sentence provided.

identify the form (focus on language in bold) and state the name of the structure and label each of its components, also state the part of speech if it’s lexical item.

provide concept questions and answers to check understanding of meaning (of the target language within the complete model sentences if they are appropriate. Use any other means to convey and check language e.g. synonyms and antonyms or eliciting examples.

draw timelines when appropriate or say how you would convey the essential meaning, e.g. using pictures.

highlight specific phonological features, e.g. connected speech and silent letters.

highlight potential difficulties with meaning, form and pronunciation and suggest how you might address them in class.

1 She’s used to getting up early. (Grammar Structure)

2 He’s been waiting for her for two hours. (Grammar Structure)

3 He was taken in by her. (Lexis)

4 I’m definitely having a lie-in tomorrow. (Lexis)

(See overleaf for example + assignment design and assessment criteria)

Not to be written in continuous prose, except for...

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