Celta Language Assignment

Celta Language Assignment

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Assignment 3: Language Skills
I chose reading as a receptive skill for this assignment and writing as a productive skill. “Reading texts also provide good models for English writing” (from How to Teach English, Jeremy Harmer).It took me a while to find an „authentic text‟ which will motivate my students to read.‟ They give exposure to „real‟ English and can be very motivating for learners.” (Extract from Learning to Teach English A practical introduction for new teachers, Peter Watkins) The learners are mainly from Easter European countries whose motive for learning English is quite varied. The other is the age factor of the student which means they have different needs, competence and cognitive skills. The students in this group have from basic to average competence. The majority of students are Romanians and tend to sit together and help each other. The problem however, is the use of their mother tongue which provokes errors and confusion. (L1 interference ) The authentic text I chose is from a British Health Foundation magazine „Heart Matters‟ issue 41. The text is about the top UK railway walks. I believe that this text will interest learners because it gives information to explore UK in an inexpensive way and gives them an opportunity to get together and have a real exposure to practice their English. Most of the text has proper names of places which will help students identify Capitalization of Proper Nouns. Students will find that there aren‟t many new words in the texts which will motivate reading and easy understanding.

Receptive Skills
Reading skills include the sub-skills    reading for gist reading for specific information reading for detailed comprehension (intensive reading task)


Lead-in : A lead-in question to set the context of the reading. Rationale: Setting lead-in questions is a way of focusing learners on the most important part of the text. Therefore by setting up this task I build interest in the text, prepare the...

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