Cement Packing Machine Technology to Improve

Cement Packing Machine Technology to Improve

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With the development of packaging industry in our country, China’s cement packing machinery has also got a considerable development. But, when compared with developed countries, China’s cement packing machinery still has a long way to go. Our technology level of cement packing machinery industry is still in a backward state. Our packing machinery enterprises are generally on a small scale and their production forces are dispersed. Besides, due to capital investment, enterprise system and other reasons, most manufacturers are lack of experience in marketing management.

At present, compared with the technical level of packaging machinery enterprises in developed countries, the competitiveness of China’s packaging machinery enterprise’s technical level is obviously insufficient. They are mainly reflected in the following respects: firstly, packaging machinery is lack of technology professionals and professional research and development team. Secondly, the low degree of automation, it is also the key point. Finally, enterprises and machinery are lack of international certification testing. If we could not make ourselves strong, and improve our technology level and grade as soon as possible, we will further widen the gap with the developed countries.

There are few domestic manufacturers that could provide a complete set of production line. In the face of packaging design, research and development of new products, certification of the advisory services, technical training and the supporting services provided by manufacturers in Europe and the United States, we still have a long way to go. Facing the weaknesses and shortcomings, packaging machinery enterprises in China should find out the reason, seize the opportunity, face the challenge, and promote technology innovation, product design, customer service and other aspects.

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