An active organization established through legislation in July 1997 and was formally launched by John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia on 24 September 1997. Centrelink delivers a range of Commonwealth services to Australian community. Its purpose is serving the country by assisting the people to be self-sufficient and helping the needy. Centrelink’s core values include: 1) Responsiveness to government of the day, 2) Excellence in service delivery, 3) Respect for customers and each other and 4) Accountability. Centrelink’s corporate governance is controlled by a board of 7 members.

Changes – Issues (Why the change):

Drivers for changes:

-Change of expectations: Desire for customer choice, quality and personalised service delivery locations

-Reform to labour market assistance: Assistance to job seekers to be based on outcomes and choice; registration and referral provided by one agency; choice of employment placement services from both public and private sector

-Government: Prime ministerial and ministerial desire to reform public sector service delivery

-Public service: Department secretaries’ desire to create one agency to provide social security and employment services

Centrelink recreated their vision, mission and goal. Its vision - make a difference to the Australian community through responsive high quality government services and opportunities and giving value for money. Its mission - operate a unique business that sets them apart from other organizations and exhibits their commitment to their customers and stakeholder. Lastly, the goal - create a ‘one-stop’ shopping for government human services.

Centrelink had also developed a 5 year strategic plan whereby there is a timeline of targets to achieve in the five years. The aim of the 5 year strategic plan is to ensure that changes are implements successfully.

Changes – Agreements:

A)Centrelink Development Agreement 1997-98:...