Certified Chimney Sweeper

Certified Chimney Sweeper

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They may not be good in speaking English but they can sometimes crack our minds up to thinking that their standpoint and ideologies actually make a lot of sense: Koreans.

The bell had rung and I knew it was time for me to have my 3rd class with one of my smartest students who rarely shows up in my class. If not voluntarily sick, he might probably be sleeping trying to get over from the intoxication he got the night before or may be somewhere else. As I scanned the hallway and trying to look for a familiar face, I was appalled to see him approach my unit. "What was in him today?", I thought to my self. I was not expecting him to show up. I know I might sound apathetic but apology is on its way. ;D

As expected, we got in my unit and started to hit the book. But as soon as I opened the book and decided to talk about Pompeii: the buried city in Italy, he cut me out with his fortuitous question:

"Emerson, what is your dream?", he blurted.

"Uhuhmm..what? I mean, why did you suddenly ask?", I muttered with a bit of hesitation for I wasn't prepared to answer his question nor have I wanted to respond to it.

"Nothing, I was just wondering if my dream is kind of farfetched compared to other people", he reasoned with an inch of doubt whether his sentence was grammatically correct.

I said, "It's alright to dream big. Everyone has a dream. And at times your dream may define what and who you are." I didn't expect my answer which could have been a bit cliched would drag me to the thought that indeed his question can actually reveal a person's motives, interests and a volume of one's character.

"Tell me your dream then.", I went on. And he continued to explain on what he thought a farfetched aspiration, "I want to become the President of my country." (Hooot!?!?) Now allow me to ask Mr. Oxford or Dr. Collins if "farfetched" indeed was enough to describe this might seem "out-of-reach" dream. But then I thought there is nothing wrong dreaming that huge, huh....

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