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Paper Title: Operation Management Issues in Centrica Plc

Executive Summary

Centrica Plc is an integrated energy company. It is involved in
upstream, midstream and downstream energy operation activities. It is currently holding a strong market position however is always challenged with severe operational issues due to the nature of business. Therefore, the main focus
of this report will be identifying a relevant operational issue and recommendation to mitigate and improve its operational efficiency. The report mainly focuses on a recent issue encountered by Centrica Plc with a design flaw in its wind farm turbine project. Developments of Offshore Wind farms are an important strategy to achieve the supply and demand
variation in the energy industry. However, it is a highly capital intensive operation and demands high technical skills to develop, design and process these wind farms. The reporter has elaborated the process of wind turbines, the causes for the operational issue in this case and its impact on the organisation.

Flaw in design of offshore wind turbine in Centrica Plc.
The UK Gas industry is one of the major industries currently under threat. Currently, UK is facing a huge decline in its supply of gas. For the first time in the last five years, the National Grid issued a Gas Balancing Alert requesting large industrial customers to ease off on fuel (The Independent,
2010). Once a self sufficient industry is now relying on countries like Norway, Russia and the Middle East to keep the burgeoning demand for natural essential to keep lights on, our homes warm and businesses operating. The industry is currently undergoing a transitional change to manage the challenge of declining production, increasing imports through
pipelines, establishment of terminal facilities for receiving LNG arriving through sea tankers and expanding storage facility (Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, 2009). Thus, it is highly essential that the industry players...