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From early childhood I was interested in electrical machines and my dream was to become electrician. I think I inherited my love to technology from my grandfather who was a wireman and used to fix machines.

Now when I got older my interests to hardware transformed to software. This is mainly because my parents bought me computer when I was fifth-grader at school. And that computer caused my future plans to change. Because, since I learned how to use internet I was aware of all parts of computer and even acknowledged how to install operating system on it. After a couple of years then I realized that it is better to be a software developer rather than being an electrician. So I choose IT faculty in Monroe College in order to get an education in computer science.

I know that there is huge variety of Universities in my country but computer science is not developed as it is in USA. Moreover, foreign *degrees/diplomas* are highly appreciated in my country and it will give me big opportunities at getting an appropriate and highly evaluated job. Therefore I decided to study at your college.

Besides, my cousin who studies at your college praised your staff/teachers and students. She said that college community is very hospitable and they are glad to meet students from other countries. Also I think that I will get on well with others easily. She also mentioned that a number of competitions and festivals are held there and I will not become bored from studies.

So I will do my best at studying and will participate in college’s social life.