Scene 1
Narrator: Once upon a time in a small village called Moon vale run by a queen and two princesses

Jessica: Mother Isabella didn’t clean my room
(Having a tantrum)

Hannah: do it yourself, your 16 get over it

Kate: sit down I’ll deal with it ISABELLA GET HERE NOW!

Imogen: Coming your majesty, what’s wrong?

Kate: Well clean it and when you’re done go down to the market and get some food for tonight

Imogen: alright your majesty

Kate/Narrator: So Isabella the poor slave would cook, clean and clean some more.

Scene 2
Imogen: so where’s that merchants stall the queen likes?

Rachel: Hello Hello what’s your name my name is Millicent, do you have a friend, I want to be your friend and do you want to play

Imogen: Ok firstly hello, secondly my name is Isabella, thirdly I have only one friend named Melody, fourthly no I don’t need another friend and fifthly no I don’t want to play

Rachel: Oh please I really want to be your friend

Imogen: Please leave me alone I have to get some food for your Majesty

Rachel: so you work for the queen how’s that like

Imogen: I can’t all I’m allowed to do is clean and cook any way I said no

Rachel: what if I help you sneak out of the castle
Imogen: ok on one condition I can bring my good friend Melody

Rachel: alright I will help you sneak out tomorrow meet me with melody at the south window on the castle

Scene 3
Narrator: The only thing is that Millicent was expecting another slave

Rachel: come on guys just this way now:

Imogen: (pushes Hannah)

Hannah: hay what was that for (pushes Imogen)

Rachel: Just stop it your acting like babies, is that the princess I thought you were bring another slave but not a princess

Hannah: Um hello I’m standing right here

Rachel: Ok are we ready to go

Hannah/Imogen: Yes where are we going

Rachel: a farm

Hannah: A farm I can’t go there look at my clothes they will get all dirty

Rachel: Don’t worry it’s more...