Challenges Faced as a Human Service Worker

Challenges Faced as a Human Service Worker

Challenges I Need to Face As A Human Service Worker

Communication Skills for the Human Services Professional 322

October 15, 2012

Shawn Miller

Human services approach the objective of meeting human needs through a knowledge base which, focuses on prevention and remediation of problems, maintaining a commitment to improve the overall quality of life of service populations, and promotes improved service delivery systems by addressing the quality of direct services but also by seeking to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery ("National organization for," 2012). As someone who is intending to be a human service worker it is important to know that jobs will be in such diverse settings. Some clients who are worked with in this service are correctional, mental retardation, family, child, addiction, violence, and aging. It is important to know what areas and clients one may have a hard time working with as a human service worker so bias and previous assumptions will not be made toward those clients.
As I am taking more classes and learning more about the wide variety of duties for human service workers I try to keep my eyes open on areas that I feel I need to be more professional on when it comes to working with clients, other staff, and more. One question that I am always asking myself is "will I find this type of client difficult to work with and why?" Some of the cliental I will be working with that I feel may be a challenge are addicts, domestic violence fighters, and multiculturalism, difference, and diversity clients. The reason that I find addicts and domestic violence clients somewhat of a challenge is because I have experienced both negatively in my own life. Growing up I had a father who was abusive and a strong addict. He was the type of man who one would not want to cross or come close to. All I remember as a child was that he was never there because of his addiction and how...

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