Challenges of Kubler Fine Foods

Challenges of Kubler Fine Foods

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Career Development Plan Summary
University of Phoenix
March 15, 2009

To: Kathy Kudler
CC: Human Resources
Date: 03/15/2009
Re: Career Development Plan Summary

Kudler Fine Food (KFF) started in California with one gourmet grocery store to serve special customers searching for the finest selection of meats, products, cheese and wine. Following her successful start on La Jolla store Back on 1998, Kathy Kudler decided to expand her business by opening two additional stores in Del Mar and Encinitas. As the business expanded, several management and organizational issues hinder the organization growth and endanger its existence.

To overcome those challenges Kathy needs to do a multifaceted restructure of Kudler organization in several Human Resources related issues. As a first step in the restructure process, competent, trustworthy and empowered management members need to be developed to share different responsibilities at KFF. To achieve this mission, the following document will start detailing the job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions including one first-level management position.
To ensure that Kudler Fine Food staff has an edge over others, a tailored training program will be developed to enhance skills and qualifications of both the new hires and current staff. The training and skills development programs will ensure that KFF addresses the customers’ satisfaction as its most core value. This proposal also includes method of evaluation of KFF teams and individuals and compensation packages.
The success of KFF greatly depends on the formation of a competent management and sales team that will ensure KFF strategic direction implementation. The first step in building a competent team is to perform detail job analysis to help selecting best candidates and tailor a human resource development programs to bridge identified gaps.

Through the analysis of KFF organization, several vacancies has bee...

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